Your CV is a document, which describes your career achievements, discusses your expertise and achievements, and also highlights your educational background.

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This encompasses Career Planning, furthering your skillz through e-Learning or full-time Education as well as maintaining your Continuous Professional Development

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What can Skillzbook do for your career and skillz development?
We can help you identify the possible factors that could change in your career plan.

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Being able to identify all your skillz, can open you up to a wider variety of career opportunities.

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Why Skillzbook?

Skillzbook is the site that helps
you plan your professional life

Designed for you the user, enabling the planning, recording and driving of your personal and career development to ever higher levels!

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Add your qualifications - scan in and upload. Import from other sites

Track your progress and review your plan, all in one place. Network with colleagues from around the world and up skill your career today.

Don't ever worry about losing your records.

Plan your career with the Personal Development Plan.Track your progress and review your plan, all in one place.

Network with colleagues from around the world and up skill your career today.

Enroll for online courses through our e-Learning platform

Link with Colleagues

Upskill your career today by connecting with colleagues, who share the same professional interests as yourself.


Skillzbook only partners with Learning Institutions who are accredited for full qualifications, however for moocs (Massive Open Online Courses) any provider who offers short courses can make use of our system.

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Skillzbook in-built communication system will keep you up to date with all your connections, groups and up to date with the latest skillz

Find a Job

Skillzbook has partnered with various Recruitment agencies in order to benefit you, the user with more opportunities to find that perfect career.

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Online Courses

Skillzbook has partnered with Internationally recognized Institutions to offer you a comprehensive range of Qualifications, Programmes & short courses to address any skillz gaps which you may have in your quest for upskillling yourself

e-learning has definite benefits over traditional classroom training.

While the most obvious is the flexibility and the cost savings from not having to travel or spend excess time away from work

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Skillzbook Corporate

Skillzbook Corporate offers clients a Skillz Development System to track all aspects of Staff Training & Development.

Skillzbook Corporate can personalise any product which we offer to suit the needs of the client. Contact us today:


Human Capital Solutions

Skillzbook is an interactive staff file, where the employee has the ability to manage his/ her development via a dynamic and integrated process. This will enable the corporate entity to manage employee job history, skills, licences and experience.

By subscribing to Skillzbook the employer will be able to view employees' skills and how they match the needs of the business.

Skillzbook can create up to date, normative measures of skills, skills audits, performance gaps and training needs.

Skillzbook enables the creation of an integrated learning culture to drive productivity and corporate values.

Skillzbook provides corporates with easy to use dashboards that can be customised for specific needs.


∑7 Management Systems

The LMS, operates under the ∑7 banner. This system operates as a dashboard that enables the provider to project manage education and training in a five step process, each with distinct quality control features.

Skillzbook provides the learners with a lifelong skills account and online resume. In addition Skillzbook, through the ∑7 System will facilitate connection with students’ accounts to view or add to their skills balances.

By subscribing the education provider will be able to view student’s skills and match their portfolio to the most appropriate qualification, identify skills for recognition of prior learning and benefit from the ∑7 System technical power to provide online resumes, e-portfolios and job boards.

eLearning is available to all Providers.

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Manage your professional career path and personal growth with Skillzbook